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Case Studies

Setup Pan-India centralized operations for tele-sales of Insurance products

Business Challenge:

A leading credit card company wanted to cross sell life/non-life insurance and other fee based products to its existing customer. It was a new initiative for the period when it was thought (2002-03) and the biggest challenge was closing the sale which involved collection of certain documents from the customers.

Our Solution:

The campaign started with prevalent fulfillment methodology of having a field based arrangement for picking up the documents required for closure of sales from customers. ATS Services then suggested the idea of online verification i.e. doing sales closures on a phone call and it proved to be a huge success factor for the campaign. The time cycle for confirming a sale was reduced to just 2-3 hours from a minimum of 2-3 days in the earlier process. The phone call based verification also enabled to control the quality of sales. This pioneering concept fueled expansion of the program and achieved record sales.


ATS Services was involved in process design, implementation of the workflow system to facilitate this process flow. Setting up and monitoring of key information and data matrices to ensure that product cancellation, acceptance rates and customer satisfaction levels.


The idea of phone closures allowed us to quickly expand the team by nearly ten times, this expansion resulted into phenomenal increase in cross selling volumes. With this achievement in volumes, there was also significant improvement in quality of sales (measured through reduced cancellation rates) and increased customer satisfaction. Success in insurance campaign encouraged our client to expand the relationship further and source other fee based products to its existing customers through us.